Coal & Wood (Revisited) 2015

One of These Days (2010)

Leave a Light On (1997)

It Never Fails (1994)

Coal & Wood (1990)

Above are my 6 full length albums. Most are still available on CD, I sell them at my shows and I'm happy to do mail orders for $20CAD (that includes postage). I'd be glad to sign them, so let me know details, if you'd like. My 3 most recent albums are on Tidal and other streaming platforms.

As for the 3 albums I released in the 90's, ‘It Never Fails’ and ‘Leave a Light On’ are currently only available on CD, directly from me. My first album, the original ‘Coal & Wood’, was only ever released on cassette and it has long since sold out and has gone out of print.

For more info on any of my albums, or to buy them from me via mail please contact me (here's my website contact link) or please email me at Or just drop me a line anyway, I’d love to hear from you.

 Thanks a lot, John

PS please check back here, I will be adding a lot more to this page i.e. song listings, lyrics, and some of my recollections of writing and/or recording them, and the artists who played on them.